What’s some good dating advice for a dog lover?


Answer by Alan Cohen:

A bit of a rehash of what Bernard Olupot has already said. Dogs are your friends they are not your babies. I have had many dogs and 4 children, believe me when I say I know the difference.

Secondly, I know a lot of guys who qualify as dog lovers. Most of them would put chihuahuas somewhere around 100 on the list of breeds they would consider owning.Tell them that you have 3 and that may move them down the list even further. In other words, even if you follow Phil Darnowsky's advice you may still strike out.

So my advice is:

  1. Take your dogs to obedience school. There is nothing more annoying than a dog who isn't trained and socialized.
  2. Take your pack for walks. All 3 at the same time. You and they will meet other dog walkers. Hopefully, you might find a human male attached to the high end of the leash and your pack will find and like the dog attached to the low end of the leash.
  3. Adjust your attitude. Seriously, you are not those dogs' mother. They don't expect you to be the mom. You are the Alpha Female. Your job is to give those Beta's and Gamma's a purpose.
  4. This breed tends to be loyal to one owner. Hopefully, you have socialized these dogs so that any male you invite home doesn't need to wear combat boots.

And what Karen Tiede said.

What's some good dating advice for a dog lover?


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