Why would anyone own a pitbull?

Answer by Vinati Singh:

I would own a Pitbull for the same reason I would own another breed. Because I want the love of a dog in my life and because I refuse to buy that love. Every pet I've ever had has been a rescue and Pitbulls are more in need of being rescued than any other breed.

It's not the dog- It's his environment.

It's not the dog- It's what he's been taught.

It's not the dog- It's the people.

A few years ago I was actively volunteering at a shelter in Queens when I came across a dog named Chance. He was a huge young Pitbull, packed bulky and solid. Among other signs of abuse on him, he had jagged mutilated stumps of bloody scar tissue where his ears should have been. The shelter speculated that it was an at home scissor job to get him angry and aggressive. Since Chance was too gentle and probably still refused to fight, he was dumped on the streets to die. And he still had the heart to gently lick and nudge a human's face when I held him and cried. Shelters across America are filled with Pitbulls. They are the most abandoned and least adopted breed. They have a horrible reputation, despite the fact that plenty of dogs are like Chance. In these shelters I saw plenty of 'harmless' breeds like Pomeranians who would act horribly aggressive to strangers. My own dog, a sweet Chihuahua mix was biting every hand that came at him so aggressively in addition to refusing food and water that he got placed on a kill list as 'unfit for adoption'.

Pitbulls, like any other dog (and people) have their good and bad temperaments, are smart and not so smart, are obedient or stubborn… But done right, they can be trained. No creature is its best self without proper training. They can be sweet, gentle, responsible, and playful, like any other breed. There are too many dying because of people's perceptions about them.

Why would anyone own a pitbull?


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