Why would anyone own a pitbull?


Answer by Graeme Shimmin:

Ok, repeat after me for the millionth time:


It's not the gun's fault when the owner shoots you with it. Practically any dog can kill a baby or small child. A Standard Poodle can severely wound an adult. A Pit Bull can be a soft, lazy goofball.  It depends how the owner trained it. If you give a scumbag a Labrador he'll train it to be dangerous. If you give a responsible dog owner a Pit Bull, he'll train it to be a normal dog. Dangerous dogs are abused dogs. They respond to their training. Abuse them and train them to be aggressive and lo and behold – an aggressive dog. People aren't surprised when dogs are trained to lead the blind, why are they surprised when they are trained to be aggressive?

In the UK, Pit Bulls were banned in a knee jerk response to a tragedy. So what happened do you think? Did scumbag hard men just stop having dogs? No. They switched to having Staffordshire crosses. Guess what people who just don't get it are talking of banning now?

If you are a responsible person and know how to train dogs, get whatever breed you like. If you aren't a responsible person, don't get any dog at all.

Why would anyone own a pitbull?


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