Why would anyone own a pitbull?


Answer by Adriana Heguy:

Here's the best reason for having pitbulls: they are dogs! If you are a dog lover, you'll love having, well, dogs. Dogs are individuals, just like people, with their own personalities, and though dog breeds were created by humans to select certain characteristics, the selection is not perfect, meaning, not all dogs belonging to that breed have them.  Pitbulls do tend to be energetic dogs (though I've met some couch potatoes among them), they tend to have high prey drive and like to chase critters (watch out, squirrels, here they come!), but they also tend to be adorably affectionate and goofy.

I have two of them, both rescues. They are both very smart and very affectionate. Whenever I'm feeling a bit down, a good walk in the park with Lola and Nero cures my blues.

And though I cannot know for sure, this question sounds a bit to me like asking "why have kids?" after reading that the Boston marathon bombers were someone's kids.

Why would anyone own a pitbull?


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